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Invalid operation exception.

The result of the operation is a quiet positive NaN, except when the cause is a signaling NaN, in which case the result is also a quiet NaN, but with the original sign, and an optional diagnostic information.

Public Class Methods

handle(context, *args) click to toggle source
     # File lib/flt/num.rb, line 185
185:     def self.handle(context, *args)
186:       if args.size>0
187:         sign, coeff, exp = args.first.split
188:[sign, coeff, :nan])._fix_nan(context)
189:       else
190:         context.num_class.nan
191:       end
192:     end
new(context=nil, *args) click to toggle source
     # File lib/flt/num.rb, line 193
193:     def initialize(context=nil, *args)
194:       @value = args.first if args.size>0
195:       super context
196:     end

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