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The math method of context needs instance_exec to pass parameters to the blocks evaluated with a modified self (pointing to a context object.) intance_exec is available in Ruby 1.9.1 and is also defined by ActiveRecord. Here we use Mauricio Fernández implementation if it is not available.

Public Instance Methods

B(*args) click to toggle source
   # File lib/flt/b.rb, line 4
4: def B(*args)
5:   Flt.BinNum(*args)
6: end
D(*args) click to toggle source
   # File lib/flt/d.rb, line 4
4: def D(*args)
5:   Flt.DecNum(*args)
6: end
instance_exec(*args, &block) click to toggle source
      # File lib/flt/support.rb, line 1343
1343:     def instance_exec(*args, &block) # !> method redefined; discarding old instance_exec
1344:       mname = "__instance_exec_#{Thread.current.object_id.abs}_#{object_id.abs}"
1345:       InstanceExecHelper.module_eval{ define_method(mname, &block) }
1346:       begin
1347:         ret = send(mname, *args)
1348:       ensure
1349:         InstanceExecHelper.module_eval{ undef_method(mname) } rescue nil
1350:       end
1351:       ret
1352:     end

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